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Guachapalí Exotic Wood Slab Coffee Table

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Our rare live edge wood tables add a luxury feel to any space, featuring a 100% unique one-of-a-kind slab (May vary slightly from the picture).

Featuring sturdy handmade legs to give it a beautiful finish and support. All of our products are eco-friendly and 100% handmade, only using the highest quality materials.

Our process has been perfected throughout the years, where we have reached a finish that we can be proud of.

Guachapalí is a rare species renowned for its beautiful color a deep reddish/orange background with dark vein stripes dramatic & durable perfect for any luxury decoration.


  • Hand-made: Our entire process is handmade, you are not only buying a table, you are acquiring the expertise and hours of work of a master wood craftsman
  • Eco Friendly: We are 100% eco-friendly only using quality materials and processes that are respectful of the environment
  • Exotic Unique Pieces: Each table is 100% unique, our slabs never look the same. The slabs used for these pieces are rare and of the highest grade.

Product Details

  • Top Material: Solid Guachapalí
  • Base Material: Metal
  • Level of Assembly: Partial Assembly
  • Number of Tables Included: 1
  • Natural Wood Grain Color Variation (No item has the same grain color, finish, or wood knots due to natural factors.)
  • Live Edge (Natural edge of the wood that’s been incorporated into the design.)


49'' L x 32'' W x 19'' H

Table Top Thickness


Handmade Luxury

Each of our pieces is made with great attention to detail, utilizing the best materials and eco-friendly processes. The result is a designer table which is unique and asthetic.

  • Free Nationwide Shipping

    We provide fast shipping throughout the US.

  • Rescued Exotic Slabs

    All of our tables come from rescued slabs at the bottom of lakes in Central America. The speices we use are rare and go throught a demanding selection process.