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Cutting Board by VLumber - The Best Wood Cutting Board. A Handmade & Easy to Maintain Teak Wooden Cutting Board - USA MADE

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  • WHAT'S THE PERFECT CUTTING BOARD FOR A KITCHEN? A meat cutting board? carving board? a cutting block? a wooden chopping board? a cheese cutting board?... Well, the right answer is a TEAK CUTTING BOARD!
  • THIS BOARD HAS IT ALL, it is eco friendly, organic, and it is easy to maintain. Stop looking for safe food grade materials, nontoxic wood or durable wood that will last a lifetime, you've got it all here.
  • WHY TEAK? First of all, it is the king of all woods, renowned for its durability and water resistance. It presents a stunning end grain pattern, that is both modern and cool, plus it is reversible.
  • RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT WITH THIS TEAK WOODEN CUTTING BOARD, made with premium plantation solid wood. A wood that won't crack, or dent easily, plus it's easy to wash and maintain.
  • Pick The Best Wood Cutting Board for your kitchen. We have 4 different sizes: small (12 x 8 x 0.75) , medium (14 x 10 x 0.75) and large size (16 x 10 x 0.75) , and a cheese board option.

Our gorgeous solid teak cutting board is designed for all of the needs of the modern & smart kitchen. They're easy to clean, maintain and extremely durable. Hard as rock this is the last board that you will need, no matter if you are cooking gourmet preparations, using it as a butcher block, for baking, or plating cheeses. This is essential for your sustainable kitchen items arsenal, plus they are super easy to maintain with a mineral oil treatment. This board will pair perfectly with any luxury high end chef kitchen knife. These are simply the Best Wood Cutting Board for any purpose, since they will last for ages, and are completely handmade, A Large Wood Cutting Board that is suited for any purpose, enjoy the beauty of a Teak Wooden Cutting board in your kitchen!

Handmade Luxury

Each of our pieces is made with great attention to detail, utilizing the best materials and eco-friendly processes. The result is a designer table which is unique and asthetic.

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